Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kat & The K9's

Went to one of my favourite clubs (Mytchett) a few weeks ago and saw Kat & The K9's - first time I'd seen them in ages, but they do seem to have gelled and it looked like they've benefited from some stability in the line-up.

I first met Kat at the now defunct Richmond Ex-Serviceman's Club weekly rock n roll club (run by the much missed Barry). At that time Kat used to occasionally get up and do a karaoke session of one or two songs towards the end of the night, so it was no surprise when she got herself some proper backing.

Kat and the boys did an excellent set, with Kat featuring a good range of songs, the pick of them (for me) being her version of the Eva Eastwood track '60291'. Talking to Kat later she tells me it will be on her next CD, but lucky ol' me, she had a demo copy with her.

Enjoy. Buy their new CD when it comes out and get along to see them when they play a club near you.

Oh, and Kat - don't forget to reprise the Bonnie Lou track 'No Heart At All' and while you're at it, see how you get on with her big one, 'Friction Heat'!


  1. Very nice Kevin. Lovely sound for a demo & boy it is even better at high volume.

    A touch of Gene Vincent with more to come at this site.
    You would have it but all the art work is included & you can't have too much of that

  2. G'day Pete

    The box set is well worth getting. Not "complete", but all the pre-65 recordings.

    Glad you liked the demo - took me f**** ages to figure out how to embed it!

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